Plus sites on one Ip address

**OS type and version: Ubuntu 20.04
**Webmin version:1.981
**Virtualmin version: 6.17.3
**Related products version: Versione Usermin 1.823

my problem is that I would like to put more sites on the same server managed by Webmin, in order to configure each site with its own php version.
Given my server the first domain replies to the Url:
adding other domains I am unable to point them correctly. My idea would be to get all the addresses

Not sure if I get the question but you can have domain1, domain 2, domain 3 etc. using different php versions pointing to the same single IP.

yes I know. different php on one ip address is correct and function. The question is see correct on and

Many thanks for answer

Yes you can have multiple domains hosted on same IP.

I try to explain myself better.
I put the two domains primo and secondo on webmin

The “primo” is default domain and i can see whit “ht*p://”

the domain secondo is not visible on “ht*p://”

This is question!!!

my setup has multiple domains on the one server (which has one IP address)
you can define which of your domains is the one linked to by the IP address.
therefore if you have and on the server with IP address.

so if you type then it will go to
if you ping you will get IP as its hosted on that server.

sorry, if I don’t understand your full question.

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