Plugin: Slave DNS Domain

Hi All,

Just wondered how the Slave DNS Domain works - does it only create a slave record on the slave server? How about adding that record to the master?

Basically I have two Virtualmin servers, Server1 is the master, and Server2 is across the pond and is the slave server.

I am hosting some websites directed at USA on the slave, and I want to get Virtualmin to automatically create the master DNS record on Server1.

I have the Slave DNS Domain setup, and it creates the slave record on the slave, but how do i get the master record onto Server1 automatically?

Does BIND pick up the slave record and create a master?


Drop me a line on Skype sometime and I’ll show you how to setup Master/Slave relationship inside Virtualmin. It’s pretty easy, and awesome once it’s all setup :slight_smile:

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