Plesk 9.5 migration problems

I’ve been trying to migrate some domains over from Plesk 9.5 to my Virtualmin machine, but just can’t seem to get the migration process to work.
It’s strange because I managed to migrate the bulk of my domains when I first set it up, but these last ones are stubborn.
I’ve upgraded the Plesk version since the successful migrations (I think I was on 9.0 then), so maybe Plesk have changed their backup format or something? Either that or I’ve forgotten exactly the right formula for doing the backup first.

In any case - this is what I get when I attempt the migration:

Validating migration file .. .. done

Starting migration of from local file /backup/mig/migrate …
Checking for Plesk features …
… found Home directory, Administration user, Webmin login, Mail for domain, BIND DNS domain, Log file rotation, Webalizer reporting.
Checking for clashes and dependencies …
Webalizer cannot be enabled unless a website is configured

Failed to migrate any servers!

Any ideas?


That may indeed be related to a change in the backup format… though I’m not entirely certain.

Would it be possible to see an example of a backup file that you’re having a problem with?

If so – my recommendation would be to file a support request (using the Support link above), mark it as private, and then include a link to a backup file that’s failing to migrate.



ok, I raised an issue for it, with a link to a sample migration file.