please,i can't change names me soon

i don’t know change name server for my domain.
please help me change name server soon.
thank you very much

I’m not sure what you’re asking.

Are you asking about changing the name servers at your registrar?

Or the NS (name server) records on your Virtualmin system?

If you need to change your name servers listed at your registrar, we can’t help–that depends on your registrar, though most provide a pretty easy to use interface for making the change.

i’m sorry!!!
i want changer NS (name server) of domain records on my Virtualmin system.
please help me!!
thank you very much

Hmm, you may need to go into a little more detail as to what you have now, and where you want it to be when you’re done.

I mean, to edit the existing NS records for a given Virtual Host, you can choose a Virtual Server from the drop-down when you log in, then select Services -> DNS Domain, where you can then edit Name Server records.

If you want to update what records are set when a Virtual Server is created, you can go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Template -> DNS Domain.

If that doesn’t help – let us know in more detail what your current setup is, and what specifically you’re trying to accomplish. Have a good one!

NTM you posted this in the usermin forum which namesevers have nothing to do with.

Moved to Virtualmin forum, so it’s on topic.

thank you very much!!!