Please, how may I increase the server's hatred against spam ?


Lately, I’m easily receiving 50 spam mails per day, on my mailboxes for two of my domains, hosted on my debian+virtualmin server.

A typical example, I’m receiving this email, with title “*** Probably SPAM *** Feel the beautiful side of life! Be healthy! Use our drugstore!”, and the contents are a bunch of text with, or without, an hyperlink.

The emails arrive already renamed as “*** Probably SPAM ***” and my email client (Thunderbird) knows best to directly place them in the spam section.

In average, five messages arrive in my main mailbox without being tagged as probably spam.

Well, still…

I am asking, just in case, is there really no way to have a good number of those spam messages simply bounce back, away without bothering me ?

I didn’t find any such option, I don’t know if it exists.
I also don’t know how to adjust my server’s sensitivity to spam, to reduce the number of falsely OK messages.

I searched in
Spam and Virus Scanning ( /virtual-server/edit_newsv.cgi )
Spam and Virus Delivery ( virtual-server/edit_spam.cgi?dom=13244744245671& )
Email Settings ( virtual-server/edit_mail.cgi?dom=13244744245671& )
without finding anything related to that question.

Maybe it can’t be configured. Maybe not.

Would you know, by chance ? Thanks if you can help, otherwise, no biggie, have a nice day ! :slight_smile:


Do you have greylisting enabled? If not, that can really help reduce spam. That can be enabled in the Email Messages section of Virtualmin.


Ah, I didn’t know about it. I saw a mention of it but didn’t dare installing it, and then, well, I forgot about it before even making a web search about what that feature may have been.

Letting virtualmin install it now… Haaa, I see, the first email from an unknown server bounces back ! Not a terrible loss, a fifteen minutes delay, seeing as most legit emails come from already known providers.

Thank you very much, Eric ! I’m grateful :slight_smile:

  • Didnt saw andreychek post what covered the answer.