Please help with Rocky/Alma install of Virtualmin

OS type and version Both Alma and Rocky
Virtualmin version 7


I am looking for some help with installing Virtualmin on my server. I have used both Alma and Rocky and used the link in my software licences in my account and it gives me an error that those two distributions are not supported. Having used the search function I see that some people have managed to install on those two OSs but there is an awful lot of information of doing so when Virtualmin 7 was in beta. I have also seen some screen shots showing Alma and Rocky as being supported but that doesn’t show when the same screen comes up on my Virtualmin install. (Just for information, when I installed on CentOS 7 it did install but with a small and easily fixable problem - MariaDB was not running - as I said easy to fix).

Another point I noticed here is that there was mention of using an install script on Github but all it did was download the install script as a text file on to my laptop, Should I be uploading that text file to my server?

I am trying this out on a test Hetzner cloud server before moving to my server with clients on it but I shall deal with the migration from cPanel to Virtualmin later until I have sorted out my current problem.

Hetzner offers me the choice of Rocky 8, or to mount Alma and install it that way. It also offers CentOS 7, 8 stream and 9 stream.

I used Virtualmin a few years ago and was able to use it to manage a dozen or so clients and it worked well but the clients at the time found the interface less pretty (!!) than cPanel and to keep them I therefore switched to that. The price of that is ridiculous and having used Virtualmin before I thought it would be worth trying it again and I was happy to pay for the pro version to support the devlopment.

I’ve put as much information and made it a long post to make it as easy for folk to respond but if there is more information anyone needs to help me I will of course provide it.

Many thanks

Hi, Grant!

Thank you for choosing Virtualmin Pro. We are in the middle of transition right now from Virtualmin 6 to Virtualmin 7. This is big.

Nevertheless, it’s already possible to get installer work with Alma and Rocky. For that to work, you would need to use development version of the installer, which works reportedly fine on mentioned distros.

Note: After downloading development version of installer, you would have to manually edit the file and replace GPL string for serial and key with purchased one here:

# A manual install might work for you though.
# See here:

# License and version

Thanks for replying so quickly and I appreciate your help.

Sorry I made a mistake with reference to Virtualmin version. I thought that after being able to install Virtualmin on Debian 10 and that it showed V7 at the top of the page that meant that V7 was now the main version.

So I now have downloaded the development version and I am just going to edit it in text editor on my laptop but where do I then put it on my server? Should I be actually be downloading it to my server and editing it with vim or nano? Sorry for being so basic about this. It’s just been a while since I have used Virtualmin and I want to do this properly.

Thanks again


Yes, downloading it using wget or curl and editing it locally using nano and running as sh would work just fine for Alma/Rocky.

Thanks again. I downloaded that file to my server and edited it as you said. It was a perfect install! It installed speedily, everything was fine when I did the configuration check. I’ve played around and everything I have tried has worked.

I really appreciate the help as I was a little lost.

I am glad to hear it worked! What distro did you decide to use eventually?

Hi. I chose Alma 8.5. It needed to be mounted as an ISO to install on my test VPS but that was thankfully a relatively easy process. I just liked what I had read about Alma more than that for Rocky.
I’ll play about with VM7 with a couple of spare domains now until the switch over from 6 to 7 has completed. I’ll give it another couple of weeks after that then I can start the process of installing it on my main server and moving my clients across.
I have really appreciated your help as someone who had some experience of VM many years ago but has returned to it.



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