Please help.. Webmin disappeared after importing virtual server!!!


Please excuse my ignorance as I’m still learning things.
This is my first time in a VPS un-managed hosting, so I have to set everything myself.
I installed Webmin then read about how great it is to combine between Webmin and Virtualmin, so I did that.

I then wanted to test Virtualmin, so I imported an existing virtual server/domain.
Now I lost Webmin and I can only login to Virtualmin. Can’t find Webmin. and when I go to and log in as root it takes directly to this virtual server/domain and I can’t find the main Webmin control panel and also I can’t find all others domains which I control from webmin CP.

How can get the main Webmin control panel back and have access to the virtual server using virtualmin? and how to disable or uninstall or remove this new/imported virtual server till I get thing back as before without losing my data?

Thanks for your help.

Yeah, Virtualmin is great for what you’re trying to do – but things will be simplest for you if you’re able to install Virtualmin on a fresh OS install, using the script.

Once you have live data you’re dealing with, things get a lot trickier and you may end up needing to do a lot of manual configuration :slight_smile:

In your case, it sounds like you may not have the Virtualmin Framed theme installed or configured. Once the Virtualmin Framed Theme is working, you’d have a “Webmin” link on the top-left that you could use to gain access to all your Webmin goodies.

Can you describe how you went about installing Virtualmin? That may help in resolving some of this.



Yeah, you wouldn’t be able to use the script to remove Virtualmin – that only works if that’s the method you used to install it in the first place.

I’m trying to figure out what options you have to fix your setup – can you post a screenshot of what it is you see upon logging into Webmin/Virtualmin?