Please help setup my hosting.

I currently have a 50 server licence of VirtualMin Pro and I want to upgrade to the unlimited package of VirtualMin so that I can offer hosting on my server.

I am not sure of the best way to set it up so it runs easily.

To be honest I have been looking at this for some months now and really need some help as to what facilities/permissions I should grant clients.

Clients will typically be in the im sector and want to set up blogs and and sale page websites. Will the clients want to use Virtualmin AND Usermin? or is it usually just the VirtualMin/Webmin combination that they will use ?

I need to set up templates and account plans - not sure of the difference. Can someone help me on the best way to do this all this?

I also need to know what things to do to avoid obvious problems.
A lot of my potential clients may be used to WHM and cPanel which does have an easier looking interface - so I will need to sell them on the flexibility and power of VirtualMin.

Are there any tutorial videos available ?

Please get back to me asap.
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Usually one starts out making a business plan so you know your target group, how they can be reached and what they can afford. You’ll want to know what to serve them, how to serve them and how to manage them (support and billing).

With that knowledge you’ll know what kind of hosting you will offer and base the template and plans on that. Of course this will be limited by available resources like web space (hard drives), traffic and backup facility.

I dont think any of my clients are actually using usermin. They use their local email client and one or two rather use squirrelmail.

If you want to target Blogs and eCommerce I would probably only make those scripts available in the installer and optimise the plans according to the needs of those kind of websites.

Blogs often do not require so much, eCommerce sites do (ssl for instance)
An average blogger do not need access to Apache modules or php configuration.

I would be careful to make webmin modules available. Usually Filemanager, Language selection and change password module, may be MySQL Module, would be activated.

If a client needs additional modules you can always grant them.

Host a couple of sites for friends, family and colleagues so you can test what kind of things you will run into before going into production…


Just a few thoughts in addition to the great info Ronald offered –

Regarding email clients – what I did was make it so that went to a page I seteup that linked to a few choices.

They can pick between Usermin, Squirrelmail, and RoundCube. A lot of folks there have begin using RoundCube because of the nice AJAX interface, though Squirrelmail is more featureful.

Regarding templates and account plans – they are indeed similar.

Templates have more options available in them, and can only be accessed by the server admin.

Account plans are more limited and are something that resellers can modify.