Please help me design my Cloud

I got a Cloudmin and 1 Virtualmin subscription, and in the last week I installed a few different variations… I am still not fully understanding what is the best way to configure…

My use-case is an intranet pilot to install an evaluate all webapp candidates (like reporting, ERP, HR, etc). Also to put an infrastructure in place for an Industry 4.0 LAN segment (DNS, LDAP, SSL, etc…) I salvaged 5 used DL360 G7 from Amazon for this. I got 1 DNS entry for xyz.pilot.lan on my employer’s network so I can start configuring things using FQDN instead of IPs.

Eventually I need to turn the pilot over to a 3rd party for support and management before its production-ready, so I need to build it to be ready to be transferred to Godaddy for example.

I am going to start with one CentOS 7 box for Virtualmin and two boxes for OpenVZ nodes.

  • Where and when do I install Cloudmin? I have a hard time separating Virtualmin and Cloudmin functionality…
  • Where and how should I use the remaining two boxes to create some sort of redundancy in case one goes down?
  • Where is my redundancy be placed - by Cloudmin replica, by OpenVZ or by someting else?

The boxes have good hardware, RAID1+0 and 4 NICs, but I never worked with enterprise-class hardware so I am not sure how to best utilize this. To be fair, I do not mind using 3 boxes for redundancy and 2 for utility as adding more capacity is easier than restoring a broken cloud.

Any expert advice are much welcome and appreciated!

ADDED: I forgot to mention I am planning on using a Buffalo 1TB iSCSI Gbit - what would be the best use for that?

So I got a basic VPS account from A2 hosting which allowed me to install CentOS 7, on one of their hosts that runs OpenVZ. It seems I got this all wrong, I should turn one box into Cloudmin, one box into OpenVZ and install CentOS and Virtualmin into a re-seller account on the OpenVZ box. Using Cloudmin I can add OpenVZ boxes with a Virtualmin reseller and run the production servers that way? Then use one box to replicate the Cloudmin box for failover.

hi honesta,

You should really try to ask for pro support from virtualmin folks at

Thanks, this is not critical and I am learning a lot - this time I got a VPS account with Virtualmin working so I am going to use that to pin the DNS, LDAP, etc… until I figure the intranet out and begin migrating from the internet VPS. The biggest challenge is of course all that crazy virbr and br0 stuff which, if not configured correctly bricks or stalls the servers… Virtualmin is not entirely functional regarding OpenVZ, creating containers does not seem to work… so on so on… to much to list to ask a pointed question.

I was hoping people share some simple use-cases and such they managed to implement for an intranet.

did you manage use fqdn on LAN?