Please help lost root password

Can’t log in as root,I know my password.

I used a cd key off of a win xp cd rom.

so if i for get i just look at xp cd case.

I know i used all lower case.

can any one help.where is the password file/log

or do i have to format my drive and re-install.

I can login in as the user at first install. but as root

can’t login to virtualmin server


What distribution are you using?

Are you by chance using Ubuntu?

debian 4 r7

debian4 r7

Okay, Ubuntu may have made it simple since it sets up sudo by default – which would allow you to change your root password, using a regular user.

So we’ll need to do it the harder way :slight_smile:

No, you don’t have to format by any means – you simply need to boot into run level 1, and reset the password.

Here’s an example of how you might accomplish that: