Hello, is it possible to instal phpmyadmin once for the entire VPS rather than having to install it for each separate virtual server in virtualmin? It would be accesible via and/or ip/phpmyadmin and/or ip:port. It seems like a waste of resources to install it over and over again.

Thank you very much!


The best (and simplest) way to do that would be to install phpMyAdmin in a central domain, and then have your users access that one central domain.

If you wanted a redirect setup as well, you could add something to the Apache VirtualHost template that used mod_rewrite to redirect requests for /webmail over to your central phpMyAdmin domain.


Great, that seems simple. So I can just install it for one of my virtual server domains and then the logins for all databases will work on that domain? Thank you!

Yup, for any given phpMyAdmin installation, any user can login, so long as they have a valid MySQL database account. And when that user logs in, all they would see are the databases they have permission to access/modify.


Perfect, thank you!