PHPMyAdmin Only Showing One Database After Creating More

I am having an issue with phpmyadmin on a new setup. When I use an install script (like wordpress), or just add a new database through the interface, phpmyadmin only shows the one original database that came with the account when I set it up. It doesn’t show any of the other databases on that virtual server.

The other databases are still usable, functional (like the WordPress script works, connects to the database, etc.). The webmin database server interface shows the database and the tables. However, under virtualmin, when logging into phpmyadmin using the the using the database user and password under the “edit databases” -> “passwords” tab, it only shows the one original database.

I can also create another database inside phpmyadmin, but it won’t show up there. But it will show up under virtualmin -> system settings -> mysql servers -> manage local server

This appears to be a bug with the current Script Installer or the dated phpmyadmin version that it uses.

After manually downloading and trying phpmyadmin version, it correctly shows all the correct databases in the left navigation.

Why doesn’t the script installer get the latest stable version?

Notice in PHP Myadmin: Version information: 4.8.5, latest stable version:

Update: It appears to actually be the setting “databases to manage” being set by default to only include the initial database, when this is setup as part of a server template.

If I manually run the install script and select “all databases” option, it correctly shows all databases.

If you are setting up a template with “default script installers”, make sure phpmyadmin’s “database name” setting is set to “none” instead of main database.


Hmm, I’ll do some more testing, but on the systems I’ve looked at so far, it’s defaulted to “All Databases”.

Which Virtualmin version and theme/version is it you guys are using there? And which browser?



Chrome Latest, I just installed a fresh CentOS7 server on lightsail a few days ago and have been getting aquatinted. LOVE it by the way. Best free control panel I’ve tried yet.

Operating system CentOS Linux 7.6.1810

Webmin version 1.900 (I know there is a newer version, but it’s not updating via yum)

Usermin version 1.751

Virtualmin version 6.06

Authentic theme version 19.21

Kernel and CPU Linux 3.10.0-957.21.3.el7.x86_64 on x86_64