phpmyadmin not working

Please help. All is workign fine with webmin, usermin and virtualmin. But when i install phpmyadmin via apt-get install phpmyadmin it installs fine, but i cannot access it by http://localhost.localdomain/phpmyadmin. I have tried the virtualmin third party module (virtual phpmyadmin) and (phpmyadmin1 for usermin) but they do not work either. All i get is a internet explorer cannot display the page.

Have i installed it or configured it wrong. Please help.

System - Debian Etch
Error Log - None in the logs

[color=#0000FF]NEVER MIND FIXED[/color]<br><br>Post edited by: koekbr, at: 2007/10/07 04:13

how did you fix it ??

More importantly, how did you edit your submission :wink:

When I’m logged in, I see a red Edit button underneath my posts.

Yes, and the edit button actually works for the first and second post in the thread–but no later ones. It’s a stupid Joomla URL bug. I’ll have it fixed soon.

How did you get it working?


Install form apt

apt-get install phpmyadmin - this will install to /var/www/(symlink)phpmyadmin
Then create a folder on your site and create symlink to /var/www/phpmyadmin
then go to and your there.

I also created a script that runs by cron and adds symlinks to all new sites when created. Crude but it works.

Please ensure you have install php5-mysql (debian etch) or similar for other systems.

Thanks, for us newbies can you share the script that you have set up as a cron job?

Hmmm apt-get install phpmyadmin yields:

E: Couldn’t find package phpmyadmin