phpmyadmin and SquirrelMail on Webmin/Virtualmin server !?

I have CentOS 32bit with Webmin/Virtualmin on it. I want to install phpmyadmin to easy manage MySQL DB and SquirrelMail which i find is better and more user friendly mail software than usermin that is build in webmin already.
I have looks over the net and i can`t find any stable tutorial how to install phpmyadmin or SquirrelMail on centos.

I have add epel repository and try to install it from yum install phpmyadmin and yum install SquirrelMail. At first they looks like they work fine but when i create the first hosting account ( virtual server in Virtualmin ) i start to get error message on both SquirrelMail and phpmyadmin. I have try to change the PHP execution mode in virtualmin from FCGI to Apache and its working but the i get problems with the permissions and owner:group files and folder on the scripts ( joomla, wordpress … ) that im hosting. I have seen VPS that have FCGI PHP execution mode enabled and installed phpmyadmin & SquirrelMail that are working fine on Webmin/Virtualmin Centos server i there must be solution or there must be something i need to configure differently to make them work.

I even try to manual install phpmyadmin & SquirrelMail and i get the same error/problems. I can get them to work ONLY if i put the phpmyadmin & SquirrelMail folders in home/user/public_html folder like scripts but i only can them use them only from that account/domain ( i`m setting Alias in apache ) if i try from second domain/hosting account for example i get the same problem error.

Error that i get with phpmyadmin:

' . "\n"; /** * Displays the mysql server related links */ if ($server > 0) { require_once './libraries/check_user_privileges.lib.php'; // why this? a non-priv user should be able to change his // password if the configuration permits //$cfg['ShowChgPassword'] = $is_superuser = PMA_isSuperuser(); $is_superuser = PMA_isSuperuser(); if ($cfg['Server']['auth_type'] == 'config') { $cfg['ShowChgPassword'] = false; } } ?> 0) { // robbat2: Use the verbose name of the server instead of the hostname // if a value is set $server_info = ''; if (!empty($cfg['Server']['verbose'])) { $server_info .= htmlspecialchars($cfg['Server']['verbose']); if ($GLOBALS['cfg']['ShowServerInfo']) { $server_info .= ' ('; } } if ($GLOBALS['cfg']['ShowServerInfo'] || empty($cfg['Server']['verbose'])) { $server_info .= PMA_DBI_get_host_info(); } if (!empty($cfg['Server']['verbose']) && $GLOBALS['cfg']['ShowServerInfo']) { $server_info .= ')'; } // loic1: skip this because it's not a so good idea to display sockets // used to everybody // if (!empty($cfg['Server']['socket']) && PMA_PHP_INT_VERSION >= 30010) { // $server_info .= ':' . $cfg['Server']['socket']; // } $mysql_cur_user_and_host = PMA_DBI_fetch_value('SELECT USER();'); // should we add the port info here? $short_server_info = (!empty($GLOBALS['cfg']['Server']['verbose']) ? $GLOBALS['cfg']['Server']['verbose'] : $GLOBALS['cfg']['Server']['host']); echo '...............................ETC

Error that i get on squirrelmail :
( even i have configure SquirrelMail from / )

ERROR: Config file ’ . '“config/config.php” not found. You need to ’ . 'configure SquirrelMail before you can use it.
'; exit; } // If we are, go ahead to the login page. header(‘Location: src/login.php’); ?>

I think is some apache or PHP problem becouse i get error on both phpmyadmin and SquirrelMail when i create hosting account.

Any idea what can be the problem ?


My recommendation is to always install software within the DocumentRoot of one of your Virtual Servers, and have your users access it from there.

Otherwise, things may not work as expected :slight_smile:

If you install phpMyAdmin into domain.tld/phpmyadmin, you can have your other users on the server access that one installation at domain.tld/phpmyadmin.

You could even add an alias/redirect to their domain, causing it to redirect to the phpMyAdmin installation.


Thanks for your response.

i`m already working like that but if i add alias again only working from the domain where actually is the folder with phpmyadmin and SquirrelMail. Any other domains give me the same error.
This is big issue for me because i have many users on the same server who need to access in phpmyadmin and SquirrelMail to check their mail and is complicated for them to remember one more domain and on top of that is hard for me to explain all the procedure and the most difficult part is to explain how the same thing is working with other host but is not working on my server.

Im sure that this can be done because i have work and seen on many Webmin/Virtualmin server that is working fine. I think is some little thing to change but cant find what actually is.

Any idea anyone how to fix this problem ?!

I do not know how to make it work if you aren’t running it from within a Virtual Server within /home. You probably can, but I don’t know what’s required to do that.

You could always just setup a redirect with your current domains to redirect to phpmyadmin within an existing Virtual Server, so that your users don’t have to know any additional domain names.


How to do that ?!

Thanks for your support!

Well, there’s a few ways to do that… one would be to look in one of your existing Apache VirtualHost blocks for an example redirect. For example, you should see one in there for webmail.domain.tld and admin.domain.tld.

You can use those as examples for how to set one up for phpmyadmin and squirrelmail.