PHP54 Mcrypt(again!)

I am pulling what is left of my hair out.

I have a dual php install, as per guides here. and need to get mcrypt installed to use Magento, b ut I can’t get it installed. I have looked at several solutions listed here and off site, but cannot get it on and working.

Has anyone come across an idiots guide that works?


Unfortunately, I’m under the impression that mcrypt isn’t included as one of the PHP modules when using packages that don’t come with your distro (that even includes the SCL repo).

Could you use the standard PHP version that comes with CentOS for Magento, and then use another PHP version for your other web apps?


Hi Eric,

Magento needs php 5.4+ - Centos ships with 5.3, so that’s a no go!

First remove phpMyAdmin from that virtualserver, set PHP 5.3.3. as default and then install again phpMyAdmin. This should sort your problem with mcrypt. Once done with all try to use htaccess and “AddHandler application/x-httpd-php54 .php .php5 .php4 .php3” to switch to PHP 5.4. Never tried this solution but maybe it could work to keep existing phpMyAdmin and still be able to use PHP 5.4. Let me know if was ok or the problem is still here.

mcrypt for 5.3 is already installed, but I will try this.

Nothing is installed on the virtual server.

Phpmyadmin is installed on another domain, running php5.4 and cannot upgrade as am on standard myswl 5.1 - new phpmyadmin needs 5.5

No luck so far!

Well you should explain better your situation because honestly you lost me with your last post Phpmyadmin is installed on another domain, running php5.4 and cannot upgrade as am on standard myswl 5.1 - new phpmyadmin needs 5.5

1 - I have phpmyadmin installed ( on one of my domains on the server already.
2 - I cannot install phpmyadmin 4.4.3 as it requires mysql 5.5, which is not on the server (Centos6 runs mysql 5.1)

You could use older version of Magento Another way could be to install Centos 7 or compile mcrypt for Centos 6. Either way Magento is not easy to install and even if it works “out of the box” its not even close to be good and is asking heavy tweaking/modifying. For this you will need certified person from Magento and they are not cheap.
If you really need Magento because you will sell thousands of products then the job will justify the cost if not my suggestion is to pick some other ecommerce software, maybe open-source with solid community.
When it comes about Magento forget websites like freelancer where people will work for 5$/hour, we are speaking here about people certified by Magento and you can be happy if entire job will cost around 2-3.000$ but usually when it comes to medium/big stores the price is never under 4-5.000$. I know all this because my friend who is working with me is one with Magento license.

looks like I may have to. This little issue is causing too many headaches!

The phpmyadmin idea didn’t work