PHP-XML Problem Bleeding Edge Package Repositories

I updated the PHP version from the Bleeding Edge Package Repositories.
After that i noticed that I am getting strange problems in PHP-XML files
like: Error loading XML document!
I usually use a open source tool PHPSYSINFO.
When i upload the contents of that software which uses xml document is gives error outut as:Error loading XML document!

Does anyone has a solution?


Yeah, newer PHP versions handle some things differently than the version that comes with CentOS.

One way to handle that is that those problems often go away when using mod_php as your PHP execution mode (which you can set in Server Configuration -> Website Options).

Other folks have said their apps didn’t work until after they set “cgi.fix_pathinfo=0” in the $HOME/etc/php.ini file.


It worked … I changed the FCGId to Apache mod_php. But my server specification is so low… So I am a little worried.

but thankyou andreychek for the solution.