php virtual-server question

hi all -

i notice that virtualmin creates a php.ini file for each virtual-server.

is there any way (as there always is with virtualmin) to edit this file?

and while on the subject - is there any reason for allowing the short syntax <?=$hello?> would not be the default?



To adjust PHP settings inside Virtualmin, go to:

Virtualmin > Services > PHP5 Configuration

additional PHP options can be adjusted by going to:

Virtualmin > Server Configuration > Website Options



One of the reasons why it is NOT recommended to use “short tags” such as <? and ?> is because languages like XML start with <?xml which could in some cases be confused with being a PHP document.

You can read more about this at:


Also, regarding what’s enabled by default – Virtualmin doesn’t make decisions on what’s included in the php.ini file by default – it’s simply taking the php.ini file from /etc/, and using that for each domain that’s created. What you’re seeing are the distros defaults (which are often derived from PHP’s recommendations).

What tpnsolutions mentioned above is how you can make changes to your existing domains.

Since the php.ini file in /etc/ is what Virtualmin copies out to new domains, you can change that one in order to make sure any changes are applied to new domains.