Php version descrepency Apache error log says php7.1, phpinfo.php says i am running 7.2

Hi guys,
this one has me confused…
I am trying to fix an error with an ioncube loader install.
In the virtual sub server apache logs i see the following:

[Mon May 06 10:12:27.617667 2019] [fcgid:warn] [pid 1145] [client :53480] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Fatal error: The file /home/owner/domains/ was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.6 and cannot run under PHP 7.1 or later. [Mon May 06 10:12:27.617711 2019] [fcgid:warn] [pid 1145] [client :53480] mod_fcgid: stderr: Please ask the provider of the script to provide a version encoded with the ionCube Encoder for PHP 7.1. in Unknown on line 0

I see 2 issues

  1. I need to update blesta…i dont know how it has managed to revert back to this version of Blesta? (i only installed blesta a month ago, and it has only ever had latest version which uses php 7.2)

My suspicion here is that i migrated the primary virtual server across from google cloud. Now that google cloud server originally had whmcs installed on it at some point. However, not in this particualr virtual server account that was migrated. So i wonder if something has found its way across that is confusing the current ioncube loaders install?

I will go into the parent virtual servers and delete ioncube loaders from it and see if that helps

  1. why is it asking for php7.1 version of ioncube loader when the system is clearly running php7.2?

see phpinfo.php

PHP Version 7.2.18-1+0~20190503103213.21+stretch~1.gbp101320 System Linux 4.9.0-9-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.9.168-1 (2019-04-12) x86_64 Build Date May 3 2019 10:32:13 Server API CGI/FastCGI Virtual Directory Support disabled Configuration File (php.ini) Path /etc/php/7.2/cgi PHP API 20170718 PHP Extension 20170718 Zend Extension 320170718

i have resolved this problem…seems that apache errors are somewhat reliant on information provided by the application. In this case the application was convinced that apache is running php v 5.x however, that wasnt the case. It turns out that because Blesta has a hotfix that must be manually applied when running php 7.0 and 7.1, if the hotfix is not applied, then blesta assumes that the wrong (earlier) version of php is running.

In any case, reverting back to php 7.0 and configuring ioncube loaders for that version seems to have sorted the problem for now. What a pain in the arse this was to figure out!