php upgrade from 5.2.4 to latest

Hi there,

I would like to know how to upgrade php on my server… I’m looking for this answer for several hours now… I thought virtualmin was able to upgrade all the packages alone… Too bad…

So, what are the steps for doing that?

Thanks a lot for your answers.



The packages you’re using are those provided by your Linux distribution.

Virtualmin can certainly help you upgrade them, but only to the latest available to your distribution.

I suspect you’re using Ubuntu 8.04 there, as they offer PHP 5.2.4 – if you’d like to use a newer PHP version, you could upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04, which provides PHP 5.3.2.


Howdy Andreychek,

Well, you’re right, I am using Ubuntu 8.04… I can upgrade it to 10.04…
Newbie question: can I uprgade it without any problem with my site and/or Virtualmin? I won’t loose anything?

Thanks again for your answer.



Ubuntu 8.04 can indeed be upgraded to 10.04 – but you should be prepared for some downtime during that process, as there’s always an opportunity for things to go awry.

For example, not all web applications running on PHP 5.2 support PHP 5.3. Or, maybe the web application works great with PHP 5.3, but perhaps a plugin that’s in use doesn’t.

What I’d recommend is installing Ubuntu 8.04 into a Virtualbox guest on your desktop, import your Virtual Servers into that, and perform a test run there before doing those changes on your live server.

There’s a guide here that can help with the process:

Thanks a lot Andreychek, I’ll try this.

Thanks again for your help and support. I’ll let you know the result.

Merry christmas!