PHP update and php-fmp

Hello everyone.

I just want to know is it possible to update php to 5.3.18 . We run CentOS 6 64bit and php is on 5.3.3 version. Is that an issue ?! Addition any plans to run php 5.4 ?!

Additional any plan to include php-fmp instead of php-fastcgi

We run many virtual-servers and find several issues with process manager in php-fastcgi and the solution looks like is in php-fpm .



PHP version 5.3.3 is the version of PHP available on CentOS – that version doesn’t change over time, but they do backport security fixes into it.

So your PHP version isn’t vulnerable to any known problems.

When possible, we’d certainly suggest continuing to use that version – it’s well tested and know to work.

Could you upgrade to other PHP versions? Probably :slight_smile:

But there isn’t a standard or recommended way of doing that… we’d suggest doing lots of testing on a test server before making such changes to your live system.



Any plan to include php-fmp instead of php-fastcgi ?