php Ugrade

running on CentOS 5…

I would like to upgrade PHP to something over 5.2

Virtualmin Package Updates says the I have the current version

"Running latest version 5.1.6-15.el5"

php is up to 5.2.5…

what does this mean, and can I upgrade through some other method without impacting VirtualMin

thank you

you can upgrade on your own, you’re seeing the latest checked out or modified version in the repo. Often it’s a matter of waiting to make sure which of the latest is stable.

We don’t provide the PHP 5 packages on CentOS 5. They are provided by the CentOS folks, and package policy on CentOS and RHEL is to stick with the same version throughout the life of the OS–with all security fixes applied. That stability is part of what folks pay for when they buy RHEL. :wink:

Virtualmin does not care what PHP version(s) you use. But, you may want to proceed with caution on replacing known-stable and known-secure packages from CentOS with those from less vetted sources. And, of course, if you use our php4 packages, you’ll want to be careful that the new php 5 packages don’t conflict with the php4 packages.

Thanks for the advice.

I am not using php 4. so hopefully I don’t have to worry about that.

I found a yum repo for CentOS 5 that has an upgraded php package. That seems to be working so far.


Ah, the "some guy on the Internet built it" solution. :wink:

Joe wrote:

Ah, the "some guy on the Internet built it" solution. ;-)

If it works don’t knock it. I use many other repos for RHEL5/Centos and debian all of which everyone has said don’t use but wont give details why but yet they all work just great and without any issues.

If anyone wants a list of repo’s I use for RHEL5, CentOS, Debian Etch just email me. sgrayban [at]

I can vouch for the quality and stability of Jason’s repo. (…so far…)

Some guy on the Internerd built Webmin, didn’t he? And didn’t some other guy make Virtualmin?

Note the smiley, folks. :wink: