PHP timing out

Hi there.
I have a wordpress site running on a server configured within VirtualMin and the php execution mode is set to FCGid.

I use a plug in called WP All Import Pro, which allows me to import CSV files of products into a WooCommerce store.

The file I’m importing has about 1800 records.

Unfortunately, it is slow, and it eventually times out 20 mins or so into the import.

Their advice is the following for timing out:

Maximum Execution Time (PHP): This is set in php.ini with max_execution_time. It determines how long a process is allowed to run before it’s terminated. You can ask your host to increase the limit, but this should be considered a last resort.

FCGID Timeouts (Apache): This is set in httpd.conf with FcgidIOTimeout. This is set in httpd.conf with FcgidIOTimeout. It determines how long mod_fcgid will wait while trying to perform a read or write. It should be set as high as your host will allow. In our experience 90 seconds is sufficient.

Where can I find these two settings above? I couldn’t see FcgidIOTimeout in the httpd.conf file as it suggests…

For the speed, is there anything I can do to improve it. During the import, the CPU or Memory usage doesn’t seem to go very high at all…

Thanks in advance,