PHP OOM uploading Joomla Component - Multiple php.inis

I got an Out of Memory during the upload, so I figured it was a php.ini limit issue, so…

I upped the limit in Virualmin to 64 MB, then 128, applied and
restarted Apache each time.

Still the error message says: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes
exhausted, 32 MB.

Well, I have two php.inis for reasons unknown to me.


It looks like Virtualmin was only modifing the last.

So I’ve upped /etc/php.ini, /home/mydomain/etc/php.ini to 128
MB to match as well.

Then I stopped and started Apache via Virtualmin.

Now, I can install the component.

So, what’s the deal? Why two php.inis per domain, and why is
Virtualmin hooked to the wrong one? and why do I have one in the
root/etc? as well? Is 128MB a reasonable number? I run mostly Joomla, and most components seem to work with 32M. It’s only larger ones like E-Commerce systems which need more.

What’s the impact of 128 vs. 32? Just that much memory for the one domain?

But since I upped the one in /etc, it costs me that much per VS?