PHP not working on some new virtual host, but on old ones works perfect

(spanish my native lang)
Hi PHP isnt working on a new virtual host who is parent of a pair of virtual hosts, on the old ones PHP is working great also on the child virtual hosts,

  1. I noticed the issue when i installed roundcube and phpmyadmin and the browser instead of open the php it downloaded the index.php as a file to the Downloads folder of my PC.
  2. I have already did some recomendations i found like comment variables on php.ini php_admin_value and also added SetHandler application/x-httpd-php on php.conf, no one working

server: centos 7
php vers: 5.4 & 7.0
provider: digitalocean


Is this a new Virtualmin install or it’s just an old install and you’re creating a new virtual server (domain)?

If you go to Server Configuration/Website Options what do you have set for PHP script execution mode right after a new virtual server was created?

Hi Ilia the issue was very strange, it solved “alone”, the structure was like this:
virtual host 1 (works php)
virtual host 2 (doesnt worked php only Roundcube and phpadmin and index.php on public_html)
–> child virtual host (works php)
virtual host 3 (works php)

the very strange thing is that i reinstall Roundcube and virtual admin scripts on another folder ex. virtualhost2/email <- for roundcube and worked perfectly

im running all on a low specs ram server maybe it was slow on replicate something, thank you for your quick response

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