PHP MySQL support not enabled

I’m testing out Virtualmin on CetOS_64 and ran into a problem. I have updated PHP53 and all is working well. I was wanting to use PHP4 for some old Drupal sites and have installed with yum install php4-gd.

The PHP verison shows up under the Virtualmin Vserver config but I get this error, PHP MySQL support not enabled, when I try to run the old site in PHP4. Other sites using the PHP53 are working fine.

Where in the PHP.ini file can I fix this? Or is there something else I need to do.


I’d be cautious using a Drupal version so old that it only works with PHP4 – that’s likely to have some security issues in it :slight_smile:

That said – you may simply be missing the PHP4 MySQL module. If installing “gd” was done with “yum install php4-gd”, then you could install the MySQL module using “yum install php4-mysql”.


That did it! Thanks for your help. Yeah, that’s an old “freebe” site I did and I would hate to put the work in to update it. But that would be a good idea!

Thanks Virtualmin is great!