php.ini at subserver level


I’m probably doing something wrong in teh setting or it is obvious but I can’t see it.

I have serveral test/development sites that I set up as sub-servers of the main development site.

I want to turn error reporting on for these sites.

Virtaulmin allows me to edit the top server php.ini na dthat works fine. I sort of expected that the sub-servers would inheriot the top level server’s php.ini but they don’t. When I run phpinfo() I can see the subservers pick up /etc/php.ini not /home/[topserver]/etc/php5/php.ini and virtualmin doesn’t seem to give me any options to edit the subsite php.ini.

Any advice?


Normally, each Sub-Server would have it’s own php.ini file… that’s located in /home/USERNAME/domains/domain.tld/etc/php.ini.

If that’s not being used, the typical reason for that is that the domain may be configured to use mod_php, rather than FCGID or CGI.

You can verify that in System Settings -> Website Options -> PHP Execution Mode.


Thanks, yes you were right

Server Configuration -> Website Options -> PHP script execution mode

was mod_php

as this was not set as FCGid in the sub-server template

(solved another issue too I was having :slight_smile: )

I don’t really follow here. How can the config be edited if we are using mod_php?