php imap recompile

Hello once again, I have Virtualmin runnig perfect for some time now, now i need a feature to add to my value of the software, I want to install a help ssoftware that translates customer emails into hep tickets *** HELPDESKPILOT *** but without the imap in php 5 or 4 will give me this error…Installation of helpdeskpilot requires IMAP extensions to be enabled…
I have looked on there site but this is distro/conrol panel topic and there solution pertains only to UNIX fix I have use yum to install php-imap and rmp, but they install and the install software still gives me error … Installation of helpdeskpilot requires IMAP extensions to be enabled… I can install just the …Click here to install Helpdesk Pilot as a limited web only interface. … But it would limit the use of the funtion. Can any one help me compile the php in Virtualmin without breaking things, It’s been a longo time since every thing woks fine. And if i can’t doit I will look for some other sofware…but i do not want to break virtualmin.
Thanks guys.

Don’t recompile PHP. Just get the imap extension package working and recognized by your application. It’d be silly to build PHP just to get an extension that is available easily from a package. :wink:

I’m not sure how to go about that, but I suspect it’s just a matter of installing the right package for the PHP version you’re using.

OK Thanks got it, install both imap-php and got scipt working with out a problem…easy install