PHP FPM Wordpress saying version will be discontinued

OS type and version Debian Buster REQUIRED
Virtualmin version 7.8.2Pro REQUIRED

So I currently have PHP 7.3FPM on my server and it says I have all of the latest updates available from the list of package servers standard list.

But the latest upgrade is telling me that this version of PHP is going to be losing support. Why isn’t this something that is being addressed?

I see that it can be done I just wonder why it isn’t on our repositories?

There is a sury repo at the link above that allows for it. Whats the best avenue to take to address the coming lack of support or is it something that’s being worked on at the moment?

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Your OS provides all the applications and things like PHP, Virtualmin provides you with a very sophisticated yet simple means to manage it.

Your complaints should be addressed to Debian, however Buster expired over 12 months ago, hence no further PHP updates.

Your choice is to either update the OS (recommended) or put bandaids on Buster.

Either way, Virtualmin will help you manage it but doesn’t supply program updates other than for it’s own use.

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read this documentation link … You may want to install php with a version > 8.0 as this is more current than php 7.x (and has full support) as you may find wordpress may soon rely on php 8.x rather than 7.x and you may get the same message with 7.4 soon. But It would be an idea to update your OS for a newer version that users php 8.x

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oh I thought it was supported through 2024 some date but ok guess I’ll have to update my repos and point them to bullseye the run the update errr man always seems these updates come at some of the worse times when your busy with everything I wish buster would just auto upgrade for you in place to bullseye when its not supported that would be too easy I guess but for whatever reason I suppose some folks need to stay on buster rather than upgrade even though its unsupported yeah upgrade channels are a bit odd with linux compared to windows I tend to forget the simple nuances like this I mean it isn’t impossible to run a couple of commands and upgrade sources but still from a practical standpoint what gives with Debian you think there would be one simple command that would simply put you on the channel. I get some mission critical stuff is being upgraded. But still a simple one liner to update it on auto would be too practical I guess lol. apt switch upgrade bullseye or something along those lines hehehe. I guess whatever I wanna do a backup before any major upgrade anyhow.

It would be nice if I could just backup everything from VirtualMin to restore to a new OS maybe this is possible maybe it’s not. Basically all I have is website and whatever settings in virtual min etc… Just Wordpress website and 2 domains the main server domain leased for 10 years and one website. Instead I have to backup a full image file. Maybe not but that’s how I’ve been doing it clonezilla.

However, buster benefits from Long Term Support (LTS) until the end of June 2024

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I went from Centos 7 to Rock9 using Virtualmin Backup. Custom tweaks is the only issue. I use a VPS service so its a easy process and you have snapshots as backup.

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Did Virtualmin backup work for you? I’ve been thinking of trying different versions of Linux but I like DEB cause it’s built to handle less powerful servers and less overhead. So Bullseye will likely be the choice. Although the whole cloudmin thing is something I’d like to run eventually as well and dunno how well that would work with Debian…
Good to know though I may give that a run and see how it goes. If it works man that would be awesome life would be easy for backups! Partition At current I can’t even use my full drive and have signature and grub errors.
As long as it retains my website data, plugins, and server info I set with virtualmin I would be a happy camper.
I’ve been reluctant to try virtualmin backup primarily due to some of the posts with people wigging out over things around the net but yeah this makes me feel a bit better about giving it a shot although I’ll likely try it on a different drive.

Thanks for your reply it was very valuable!

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