PHP-FPM, what is the status now ? (november 2015)

Hello guys,

First I must say I am a great fan of Virtualmin. Running multiple Virtualminservers since 2010. Tried a lot, but I always come back (and stay).

There is thing I (maybe) miss: PHP-FPM support (for Apache). I always read a lot of positive things about this. I don’t know for sure if all is true since I didn’t try. I found some topics with unofficial guides to use PHP-FPM in Virtualmin. Also some comments about that you guys are, or were, working on it.

Is it true that you are working on it? And when could it come?
Is it even so much better than PHP-FCGID?

Also I am waiting for PHP7. Of course it hasn’t been released yet, any clue when support for this will come to Virtualmin? Just eager to know!

I really like Virtualmin!

Thanks in advance,


Yeah PHP7 support is going to be interesting – I haven’t personally benchmarked it, but from what I read there’s quite a few performance improvements in it.

We are hoping to include support for that in the next Virtualmin release.

As far as PHP-FPM goes –

It’s a strong possibility, but it’ll happen sometime after the upcoming Virtualmin update (which was initially supposed to be extremely soon, but it’s taking much longer than it’s supposed to).

So I can’t really give a timeframe, I’m not really sure at all when it’ll be, but it’s being strongly considered and we’ll be looking deeper into that once this new release is out.



Thanks for your fast answer. Sounds good! I will wait en enjoy my already fine Virtualmin installation in the meantime :slight_smile:

Good luck with the next Virtualmin release!


How is it going on this? Any update when it comes to PHP-FPM?


Unfortunately the installation of php-fpm out of the box does not work, at least not on my test server.
After adjustments to the php-fpm pool config it worked.

Now to the bad things:
The installed pools are more numerically; it would be better if they had the name of the domain, as it is practised with the username.

Would it be possible to set the php-fpm in a way that the function “PHP Versions” is able to switch to the desired phpversion?
This works with fcgid like a charm.

On a further test machine I have adjusted the installation by means of script of “” in a way that the establishment for all the php-fpm versions installed on the testserver the pool is created. I can control this by .htaccess,
Nicer would be if you could change over the virtualmin.


frank, what did you do to the php pool config? see a discussion at


The pool config www is set to default:
“Listen = /var/run/php53-fpm.sock”

This I have on
“Listen =”

Restart fpm and it worked