php-fpm support


when will you be making php-fpm support ?



We’ve been reviewing php-fpm, though we don’t have any definitive plans for adding that into Virtualmin. It’s something we’re considering though.


i have seen it on other eviroments and it gives alot better php preformance than the default php-fcgi execution

so i really hope you will be looking more into this soon else i will have to look around for another hosting panel that do support php-fpm and i don’t wanna change away from virtualmin


why haven’t you implemented this modification yet ?


I wasn’t planning to mention php-FPM at all when coming to the forums, but that’s an opportunity to seize.
I know of a pictures image management CMS called Piwigo that is able to put a server on its knees as long as there are hundreds of thousands of pictures (big sites, then) and many visitors (busy sites, then). At this point, the flood of select distinct to the database, the pressure by the visitors quering image data before images can be loaded, that puts even the craziest badass servers to their knees (as in : zero unused CPU over a long time period)… with Apache and the wrappers CGI, Mod_php or FastCGI.

On the other hand, with nginx and php-fpm the problem is absent, totally absent, even with a thousand more images and a hundred times more visitors.

Is it entirely thanks to nginx, or does the FPM play a role ? No way to tell, unfortunately.

The developers of the CMS were able to reproduce the discrepancy but not explain it, and they evacuted it all with “if you’re so big and busy already, it’s time for Nginx-PHP-FPM”.
Well, I say, how about trying Apache with php-FPM already :smiley:

So these are modest words of encouragements, php-FPM would be something I’d be glad to test, haha.

you can do a manuel setup of php-fpm and test if this works on your site, so you can say if it is php-fpm or nginx that does it.

Skelgaard : not on a production website while I am not (one gotta be honest) competent enough to tell if I’m not screwing something up or failing to notice something important.

Which is was I saw an opportunity to politely vouch for virtualmin to officially support it, it was a lucky chance I saw php-fpm mentioned :wink:

I would be even ready to let virtualmin members tell me “here, test THAT and provide us logs and feedback”, but not to do it myself.

true… but copy to backuop server and try on that :wink: hehe

Hi Guys,

Just a reference here is a setup to get Nginx with PHP-FPM and OpCache working with Virtualmin and completely disable the PHP-CGI. The only down side is the manual setup of config files for PHP-FPM, but totally worth it if you want to get the most of your server.

I am also posting here to promote the “crowdfunding a developer” idea for a PHP-FPM module that will do all that out of the box.

Hey all,

I’m gonna tinker with PHP-FPM on our new server some over the next few days to see what the implications are for Install Scripts and other stuff. Will also do some benchmarks and some experimenting to see what kind of overhead we see with FCGI vs. PHP-FPM (we currently use APC in our FCGI deployment and it seems to work fine, though I do see the lack of shared caches…but you’ll still have multiple caches for any suexec configuration, since a shared cache would be a security vulnerability). I need to understand the security and performance and support implications a lot more before I campaign too hard to get PHP-FPM implemented.

Would this be something folks would consider buying Virtualmin Professional to get? i.e. if this were a Pro-only feature for a little while in order to fund development, would that be cool with y’all, and something you’d be willing to pay for Virtualmin Pro to get?

For those who don’t know, we historically add new features first to Virtualmin Pro in order to encourage purchases, so we can keep working on Virtualmin…and then many of those features trickle down into GPL over time, as other new features come into Virtualmin Pro, once the development has stabilized a bit and doesn’t require a huge amount of work to maintain. (Some features tend to stay mostly in Virtualmin, since they require ongoing maintenance that is costly…like most of the Install Scripts are only in Pro, because they have to be updated constantly.)

Hi Joe,

I am glad to see you taking a swing at this issue. I mention at the end of this threat to crowd fund the development of the PHP-FPM module and few guys liked the idea. Who better than you to develop such module, so give us a ball park figure of what it will cost for you to dedicate time and effort to it.

I can see your point of making this a feature only available for the Pro version, but was the quality of your open source application what get you where you are. This is my opinion, let’s make it crowd funding, let’s make it available to both versions Pro and GPL and let’s differentiate from the competition who is still stuck with Apache.

Note: I manage few VPS and I use Virtualmin GPL in all of them, I haven’t miss a Pro feature yet.

I agree with Emilorol.

It would be nice if this is in both versions, but if you choose to only put it in Pro at first, i can understand why.

Hi @all,

are there any news about implementation?

Wow, I just posted a similar question here:

I came here after clicking the wrong notification email, but I’ll still make use of that mistake, I once found there was also this discussion page regarding php-FPM.

Just, FYI, you know. Merry year 2015 everyone !

Thanks for decusion…

I need to pay someone to do this for me Nginx + PHP FPM on Virtualmin, e-mail me quickly info at please, thanks !


You may also want to try starting a new thread in the Jobs forum. There, describe what setup you’re after, and anyone able to help will offer their services.