PHP-FPM and NGINX (Another thread :P)

OK this IS another thread on php-fpm of which I believe should be used.

PHP-FPM is very configurable and is very powrful I believe. I like how current servers use a INIT script for php but its a very “crappy” way of doing things I have found as some processes randomly crash and dont properly reboot.

So as a programmer my idea is to have a configuration file as a template in virtualmin/webmin’s folder. It will act like the templates for servers in that regex/env vars would be used to replace fields for the configuration.

Servers should have a new php configuration area or appended to the current area that allows settings for the pool conf to be defined.

The PHP-FPM config ALSO needs to be detected by virtualmin in the webmin -> other.

Next what I think should happen is that PHP ITSELF should become a feature that is toggable like web, email, etc. You see for all the servers that are created it is ASSUMED php will run even on a fully static site. This causes ram to be eaten up where it could be better served as the php process wont get any requests.

On a side note I just took a crash course in perl so hopefully I can create some stuff for the CP. I already know other languages just never got to this one.

These are by no means demands especially since I dont pay, but they are what I would do as a coder and things to majorly help everyone out.

Oh on a side note it seems that you CANT edit the PHP config per server with nginx enabled even though it uses the same file as apache does.

Have Fun!