PHP failed on install - Sun Sparc Enterprise 4500 Solaris 10

We have attempted to install virtualmin GPL on a Solarais 4500 running 10. All apears to be fine apart from PHP has failed to load completely.

The Apache PHP configuration has not completed although all the packages were loaded. There appears to be a bunch of config files either not been loaded or scattered randomly into the system without being bound properly.

Has anyone else had this issue and more to the point figured out anyway to sort the configuration out.

The installer failed to install the php module and configure apache for php.

Could you let us know what error message you are getting when you try to use PHP apps, or which files are missing?


Thanks for the attention. It looks now that there are more errors. Certainly MySQL is failing. Here is the error.

“The MySQL configuration file /opt/csw/mysql4/var/my.cnf was not found on your system. You may need to adjust the module configuration to use the correct path.”

The my.cnf file is not present anywhere in the file system.

In Webmin I checked the unused modules link and found these fail with roughly the same error.

Bacula Backup System
CVS Server
Configuration Engine
DHCP Server
Extended Internet Services
Fetchmail Mail RetrievalJabber IM Server
LDAP Server
Majordomo List Manager
OpenSLP Server
PPP Dialin Server
PostgreSQL Database Server
QMail Mail Server
SSL Tunnels
Security Sentries
Squid Proxy Server
Squid Report Generator
System Logs NG

My colleague managed to get PHP running by copying over files from an install of glassfish from another zone on the server. We are not certain that this approach will work for MySQL.

BTW The instal script ran without error. If someone could shed some light on this we would be most grateful.

The cause may be that the CSW MySQL packages that Virtualmin installs have switched their config files to a new location.

Are you sure the my.cnf file doesn’t exist somewhere under /etc/opt on your system?

I hit update all packages and blew out the amends so nothing is working again. With Virtualmin so easy to break and no real support on how to get it working I am beginning to think that Virtualmin is a non starter for Solaris. Unless I can find some help and a way to recover the config I may have to throw in the towel.

When I go to my info.php file I see a blank page, no PHP version inormation at all. I can see the this in the source

PHP Test Script <?php phpinfo( ); ?>

Which is a bit strange because if PHP was completely lost I would expect to see this on the page.

So PHP is not loading correctly and this seems to be the only problem. I can’t rely on this unless I get a working instal script otherwise I have no way to recover from any problems. Please help.

Is this a fresh system that you can wipe and re-install Virtualmin on? It looks like there is a problem with the install script that I would like to debug.

If you like, I could login to your system myself to see what is going wrong. Email directly at if that is possible …