PHP exceeds disk quota

A hosted web site was able to fill the filesystem with many files.

VIrtualmin 4.06.gpl, CentOS 6.5
The filesystem /home/ has hard quotas enabled.
Databases are in /var which is within the root filesystemcd
Virtualmin has soft quotas configured.
Web sites are running as fcgi

Virtualmin websites can write beyond quota, but at the OS, I will get a “disk quota exceeded” if I try to copy a file to the site’s space. Is there some underlying mechanism within apache / php which is running as root and is immune to the filesystem hard quota?

As we investigated, I discovered the soft vs hard discrepancy, but the fact remains that the filesystem had a hard quota.

Thanks - Dean


Hmm, what PHP Execution Mode are you using?

You can see that in Server Configuration -> Website Options.

The default is FCGID… that and CGI both run PHP scripts as the Virtual Server owner.

If you’re using mod_php though, that would be running with the permissions of Apache, not the Virtual Server owner.