PHP errors when site is migrated between servers

OS type and version CentOS 7.9.2009 → Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 1.984
Virtualmin version 6.17 → 6.17-3
Related packages PHP

I tried moving some sites from a CentOS 7 to an Ubuntu 20 server, but I ran into issues running PHP.
There were errors in the log, like file not found, and other weird stuff.
Eventually I concluded that it is related to the PHP versions and execution mode.
I got the versions to match, also made sure all PHP modules are similar on both servers, but the problems did not go away.

The execution mode is what I don’t understand how to tinker with. For example, I see FPM and FCGId (selected), and when I switch to FPM, the option FCGId disappears. I don’t understand why, but I would like to read more about this to understand it properly.

Can you recommend some resources, idea, things to try, solutions?

red hat / debian use different paths for common applications like php, so read error messages, and fix php path wherever needed… (not sure if virtualmin fixes paths during migration/import)

in general, without providing error logs/messages, there can’t be much help…

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I made several attempts and recreated the virtual machines several times, this is why I lost the error messages.
I noticed there are file links and other PHP CGI config files under the user’s directory and I checked them one by one making sure all paths resolve to something.

I need to read more about how PHP is configured for CGI (with Fast CGI, or FPM). Like the technical details. My question was actually about finding a good place to start this read, because it seems my search-fu did not help much so far.

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