PHP 6 and virtualmin


Would it be possible to install PHP 6 on my Virtualmin server, or would it break?


Well, Virtualmin wouldn’t do anything to make this easier.

Is it possible? Sure.

But you’d have to find a PHP6 package (or compile it), configure it to work on your system, and also make sure that if you’re running any live PHP5 stuff, that none of that breaks during any of this :slight_smile:

A lot of folks want to be able to simultaneously run PHP4 and PHP5 apps, and that work can work perfectly fine. In your case, you may want to setup something similar, but instead for PHP5 and PHP6.


Just to expand on this, as long as you’re careful about using a suffix (so you get php6 and php-cgi6 and so on), you could safely run PHP 6 alongside PHP 5. Same basic ideas as found in running PHP 4 and PHP 5 together (there’s a stickied thread about how to do this in the Virtualmin forum). I don’t think Virtualmin Professional’s version selection stuff knows about PHP 6 yet (we have a pretty strict policy about not pushing non-stable stuff).