PHP 5 and PHP 4 administration

some newbie questions:

  1. Is it possible to set php5 on a virtualserver (dom1.ext) and php4 for another virtualserver (dom2.ext) on same server ?
  2. If yes, I understood it was possible, how ?

Notes: I have tryed to switch under Server Configuration -> Website Options to FCGId (run as virtual server owner)
and other options too
but nothing happened except a PHP 4 configuration under Services when FCGId on

thank you in advance
CentOS 4.5
Virtualmin Pro (latest stable ver)


I have searched for a php5 and noticed no data about it and installed via a yum -install php5
Now I have everything ok
I have switched on a proof domain PHP5 on and the CMS script (That can run on PHP 4 or 5) says:
your PHP installation currently does not support mysql database type.
I have 2 directories in /etc/:
php 4/php.ini
php 5/php.ini
and both of em have mysql enabled
I have done an Apache Restart<br><br>Post edited by: AntonioLaurienzo, at: 2007/09/29 07:47

Didn’t know I had to install also mysql extension for php5, thought it was done automatically

yum install php5-mysql