PHP 5.4 & PHP 5.3 via PHP Versions

I have used the php4 package available from the Virtualmin repository on Centos 5 before to provide both PHP 5.1.6 (stock) and PHP 4.4.8 at the same time, changeable by the PHP Versions setting.

I have recently discovered this,

It allows PHP 5.4.x to coexist along side the stock PHP 5.3.3 of CentOS 6. I have installed it, but Virtualmin does not seem to be picking it up. I examined the php4 RPM from the Virtualmin repository and I don’t see anything special about it.

I only see this “Your system only has PHP version 5 installed, so selecting a different version for each directory is not possible.” Which leads me to believe that Virtualmin only supports major PHP releases 4/5 and not 5.3/5.4. I wanted to see if this was accurate and if It would be possible to use 5.3.3 & 5.4.x on the same system.

I have tested this on a test system, I was able to manually change the path to the php-cgi executable and had 5.3.3 & 5.4.10 running on the same virtual server.


Yeah, unfortunately, the only thing that’s supported is PHP 4 and PHP 5, not minor releases within PHP 5.

Also, it’s only Virtualmin Pro that supports it.

The primary issue there though is that distros haven’t provided packages for multiple PHP versions that were designed to be installed side-by-side.

I haven’t looked at the Software Collections repo before though, I’ll take a peek at that. Thanks for the link!


If I install virtualmin gpl & php4 from the virtualmin repository PHP Versions works just fine on GPL.

it would be nice to be able to do this from the web interface, but it is easy enough to drop a custom htaccess with the fcgi code to use the other version of PHP.