PHP 5.3 Timezone

I’m having the timezone issue since I moved to PHP 5.3 and found this mention of a solution.

Sounds like there is now some PHP “other” that I should be able to set the timezone globally, but I’m not seeing it. Can someone point me in the right direction?



If you have Webmin 1.5.x or newer, That’s configurable in Webmin -> Others -> PHP Configuration -> Other Configuration – and from there you can set “PHP Timezone”.

I think that’ll only affect new Virtual Servers though – you’d still need to make that tweak in the php.ini for any existing Virtual Server (located in $HOME/etc/php.ini).


OK, I’m guessing you mean the “Other Setting” icon - I see a Timezone drop box in there, which is already set. I see a number of my Joomla 1.5 (not all of them) ended up with a timezone error displayed on the pages and I disabled the display error option as a fix, but not sure if that was the best way to go.

You may just need to manually edit some of your existing Virtual Servers in order to set the timezone. In $HOME/etc/php.ini, you can set something like this:

date.timezone = “America/New_York”