PHP 5.2.14 Breaks latest Squirrelmail 1.4.21

Could be circumstantial, but upgraded PHP yesterday, and today Squirrelmail is broken, white screen, with no message, nothing in the Apache log, in spite of E_ALL.

I’d appreciate ideas on this issue, and also on RoundCube, which does work, and will probably be my next stop.


My host rather recklessly upgraded to a compiled RPM which had --without-pear. Oops.

I am installing RoundCube, seems the easiest workaround, and perhaps a more active project.

Is there an easy way to add PEAR functionality on PHP 5.2.13?

Which PHP repository are you using, is that the Virtualmin bleed repo that you got 5.2.13 from?

Normally, PEAR support could be enabled by installing the package named “php-pear”.


I am looking forward to Jason Litka’s new releases this week at, which should include PHP 5.2.14.