Perl module XML::Simple needed to communicate with Amazon's S3 service

Cannot configure S3 Buckets because of the following error:

The Perl module XML::Simple needed to communicate with Amazon’s S3 service is not installed

Is this expected? How do I setup the missing module in the right way so that it is compatible with Virtualmin?

Operating system: Ubuntu
OS version: 20.04

The solution is to use Webmin to install the Perl module. Navigate to:

Webmin->Others->Perl Modules then add XML::Simple in the From CPAN, named input box and press Install

Screenshot from here

I strongly recommend you use system packages whenever possible. I’m pretty sure Ubuntu has this Perl module in its standard repos. Probably called something like libxml-simple-perl or something.

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Yes, I noticed it doing apt install libxml-simple-perl when installing the Perl Module through UI from CPAN by its name.

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Oh, good. I guess it does the right thing when it can.

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