Performing other Apache configuration: cp - Operation not permitted

I installed a freshly new Virtualmin with GPL license and upon a virtual host creation I’m getting the following error:

Performing other Apache configuration …
… configuration failed : Failed to copy /etc/php/7.0/cgi/php.ini to /home/domains/ : cp: preserving times for ‘/home/domains/’: Operation not permitted

Setting up log file rotation …
… no logging directive found in webserver configuration!

Any particular reason this may happen?
Thank you.

Distro and version?

Disk space maybe? I’ve never seen this kind of error. There’s multiple things going wrong here, and they’re pretty dramatic things; I’m guessing updating the web server configuration is failing, too, based on the logging config error.

Is /home on some weird filesystem? Like FAT or NTFS or something crazy like that that doesn’t have normal permissions and metadata? Maybe a network filesystem of some sort? You’d need something that supports UNIX filesystem semantics.