Performance issues phpmyadmin and horde

Hello all,

ok, this is not a real webmin or virtualmin issues at least for the performance issues, but on this board is so much brainpower, that I’ll just give it a throw… :wink:

We have a Athlon 64 3700+ running with 2GB RAM on 2 mirrored 300GB disks. Installed is debian etch AMD64, and the system is running XEN with a root domain of 256MB RAM hosting Postfix and Bind, the hosted domain is where the rest of the RAM is used and virtualmin is setup.

At the moment, there are 5 Domains, 3 of them using Joomla, one runnig a Board in addtion, … all with very low traffic.

This just for a rough overview.

Ok, I notice some performance issues, and this not on the Joomla websites, webmin or the board, but on an installed Horde Webmailer and with phpmyadmin.

Just a few minutes ago, I tried to access usermin, had 5 times wrong passwords, but I am absolutely sure, that I entered at least 4 times the right one. Then I tried to access horde, veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyy slow response from the site, after 1,5 minutes or so I had the login screen… logging in was about 3 Minutes to show up the inbox. In the meantime I tried to access phpmyadmin, also … veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrryyyyy slow. The cpu useage was high, regarding to the system information in virtualmin.

I canceled horde access and then… phpmyadmin was quick as expected.

So… I already looked up the mysql settings, raised table_cache a bit and so on, I don’t see much of an issue there.

Now, after a while, Horde is fast… really fast. Uhm…

Strangely, I just tried another time to login to usermin… no success??? I am confused… it worked all the time, no changes besides translations done the last days…

Where would you suggest analyzing further on?

Ok, please forget the usermin login problem, I found the reason… still looking for the performance issues :frowning: