Per "sub-server" username/password


I am curious if it is possible to setup a “sub-server” with an alternate username/password.

Basically, I want to setup something like: => user1/pass1 => user2/pass2

Now before anyone suggests that I create a “top-level” server in the form of a sub-server, I’d like to make sure that you know that while this will solve the alternate username/password issue, but will also end up creating a second, third, fourth, etc zone file which will not work with my DNS setup.

If you can take care of the secondary issue, then I’m open to using a “top-level” server for each sub-domain.



There isn’t a way to create a new admin user for a Sub-Server. Admin users are for the top-level Virtual Server, and all Sub-Servers.

You could, however, create a new FTP account for each Virtual Server or Sub-Server – would that do what you’re after? You could go into Edit Mail and FTP Users, and click “Add a website FTP access user.”


And those FTP users can even have SSH access, if you give them the proper login shell (after potentially activating it in the system customization settings). :slight_smile:

What you cannot change is that the administrative user of the parent domain will have access to the sub-domain directories. This is necessary at least if you operate Apache in FCGI mode, since the sub-servers run under the parent’s user then.

About that zone file issue though: why can’t you have more than one zone file? It’s a bit hard to offer ideas for fixing an issue without knowing why it exists. :wink: