Path assignments for Virtual Domains

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is a noob question… Virtualmin is great and I love it so far! That aside there is a lot of buttons and I’m trying to figure out if my goal is possible… The company I work for recently just switched VPS providers and for whatever reason our new VPS provider has restrictions and lock-downs on specific directories and partitions. (i.e SWAP, /home folder…etc) they are basically telling me we have to use the /srv folder for hosting sites, as I understand Virtualmin defaults to the home folder instead… would there be a way for me to assign domains outside of the home folder? i.e /srv/ instead of /home/user/ ?



Well, it’s not super simple to change that.

The suexec program is setup to use /home, and not allow other directories to serve web pages.

It’s quite unusual that a provider would lock down /home though, that’s the normal place to put user home directories and such.

That’s a bit of a red flag for me – I’d suggest making sure that’s really the company you want to go with.

That said, will the primary users logging into your server to manage the websites be trusted users? If so, I suppose it’s always possible to purely use mod_php for the PHP Execution Mode. If you aren’t using suexec, it wouldn’t matter so much.


Hi Eric,

Thank you for your response, I had a funny feeling it might be a red flag as well… apparently it has something to do with the way they partition their VPS servers its a no-partition setup or something like that which I’m not familiar with. But basically any major directory bin, boot, dev, home, etc, lib, mnt, srv, var…etc are being labeled as ‘reserved’ by this company. Anyways they started acting all concerned and asking me questions when I questioned the validity of locking down what I can and cannot partition…

I will forward this information off to my superiors to see what the next step is (basically if I want any changes made to a locked directory I have to call the company which is not ideal)

Our company just has too many domains for us to try to manage this without Virtualmin. lol

Also sorry I missed your last question, majority of users would be the general public for these websites


You may end up seeing quite a few other issues, unfortunately… Virtualmin needs to edit files in a number of those directories.

For example, anytime you need to create a domain, it would edit several files in /etc and /var.

Also, Apache would be using /var/log to write the log files to (amongst other services). And MySQL writes to that as well.

That also means you’d need to call them every time you wish to perform standard package updates.

I don’t mean to sound grumpy, but those restrictions may prove to be fairly troublesome :slight_smile:

I have a suspicion that the restrictions they setup are due to users who aren’t too familiar with managing a server… they may be experiencing some breakins. I wonder if you could convince them to lift the restrictions for you if you promise to keep the server up to date :slight_smile: