Password for Images

I have created a server image through Cloudmin and when I boot it I can’t log in. Does Cloudmin create a default password for images?
Thanks for help.


Do you mean that you installed a Cloudmin image?

Or that you created your own server image?

When using Cloudmin’s own images, it sets the password to whatever password is specified when setting up the image.


I created an image through Cloudmin (was not prompted for setting up any password) and I uploaded that image and started it, and it boots nice, but when I get the login screen I have no idea what to put.

In the end I managedto restart the root password, following these steps:

On the GRUB menu, press e.
Select the second line, press e
Append -s after a space
Press Enter then b
Right click on quemu guest and open console,then type sh-3.2#passwd root
Change the password and type init 6 to reboot

More details in link.