Paid support

Any chance of a 5 instance per year for 100 dollars or something.

From time to time, things just need to be fixed quickly and you guys can sort it in a jiffy.

It would be a good idea I think. Not talking about bugs etc, which should be sorted for free obviously ( thank you ) but some times things go tits up and we need problems fixed fast, nice little earner for the VM team as well I would have thought.



There is always the Jobs forum, where folks can post about any Virtualmin and general server issues there in order to receive paid support from the community.

However, we do actually provide what we call professional services, where we offer paid support on an hourly basis. That’s available here:

I never like to leave time to the developer, you need to make it per instance. You never know where you are otherwise once you commit.

Never liked this price per 15 minutes stuff etc. 3 hours later.

Per instance is the way forward.

Demographics, how much work you get that way?

Btw, had an urgent problem the other day with regards to VM not acknowledging a FQDN change in Postfix, emailed an advertised expert here and got no reply.

Server needed a full reinstall in the end, problem sorted. Before you install VM make sure you have a good FQDN. What I do not understand how the VM install allowed me to continue, it used to point out the fact that I did not have a good FQDN setup, it was my mistake as my provider recently changed how the OS was installed, but VM did not pick up on it.

Geez I seem to be moaning a lot these days.


That’s actually why we provide an estimate ahead of time… we want you to know what to expect, and we also want you to be happy with the work.

The problem you described is why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing system here though… there’s only three of us, with plenty on our plates already… and we can’t really have folks paying for 15 minutes of time if it’s going to take an entire afternoon to resolve the issue. And vice-versa – we don’t want people to pay for an afternoon if it only takes 15 minutes.

The problems people come to us with are vastly different. Sometimes they had a security breakin that needs tracked down and fixed, sometimes people are having trouble installing a WordPress plugin, other folks want a hand performing a migration from one distro to another. Those are just some examples.

Those all take vastly different amounts of time to work on – we want to be fair both to the person who needs the work done, as well as ourselves.

We felt the best way to be fair to all involved was to provide an estimate ahead of time, and we go out of our way to stick to the quoted time in the estimate.


I know it’s difficult.

I think the 3 Musketeers are doing a great job and to be honest I don’t know how you do it.

d’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos, but we are missing Aramis?

Ignore me please I am totally stressed running too many servers.