outgoing email doesn't work

Hi there!

I’ve 6 domains “master” on my server.

I cannot understand why one of them doesn’t work with the outgoing emails…

Everything works good for the incoming ones. But when I try to send (using usermin - webmail - as well as Client in Outlook) one message it’s look as “sent” but… no delivery…

Do You have any clue about? It’s strange: cause it’s looks like good (so the message is in the “sent” emails) but no one receive them.

And the strange thing is that it’s happen only with one domain… on 6!!

I checked all the settings and they lool the same as in the other domain settings… So I’ve no clue…


Logs logs and again, you guessed it LOGS.
No timber please.

Hi inteq!

Sorry but I didn’t understood what You wrote. May You explain me better please?

Thank You!

have a great day


You may want to review your system’s logs when you’re experiencing this problem… in particular, /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log, depending on your distro.

When viewing those, do you see any errors or problems when sending emails from this domain?


Thank You andreychek

I’ll check soon. The server now is in crack-down… It isn’t an “easy start” at all… Anyway as soon it will be online again I’ll update You!