Ouch!! Can you feel it now??

Well folks it’s started. Spamhaus.org got shut down and we’re being inundated by spam. Usermin shut down on one server because the log rotates by day not filesize. We need to put some pressure on these liberal US courts that pull this garbage.

it still works here. the spam you are seeing is images embedded within the e-amils with only https headers. Theis makes the spamminess drop to zero and it sails through. smaphus is still around…:slight_smile:

spamhaus.org hasn’t pinged for the last two days. I know the threat of a shutdown was there and they were sure that ICANN wasn’t going to be a pawn but something’s up at least here in the US. These are text messages, tons coming from the same or relative source, who I’m sure is that idiot from Illinois.

spamhaus is fine. a federal judge struck down the domain shutdown order. besides spamhaus could always go .anything not controled by the US…then the judges order has no effect.

ooops! I was pinging spamhaus.org not www.spamhaus.org. Guess I’ve gotten too comfortable with Virtualmin and BIND automatically resolving both :wink:

Just was tired of the 5 day flood of " Grand message, you must read" messages getting through. THought that was e360 insight flaunting it.