oscommerce issues with admin login

Got virtualmin pro and installed oscommerce via the script installer, which all went fine. I go to /oscommerce/admin and it tells me there’s no admin user. OK, so, I stick in “admin” and “password” and hit create administrator. Check the db and record 1 with a blank user and encrypted password is there, but, I can’t login. If I update the record with the username it still doesn’t let me login.

Anyone had this issue or can help???


Hi Ian,

Yeah, in theory, scripts from the installer should work out of the box without needing to do any database tweaks.

There may be a bug in the installer, what I’d do is file a bug using the Bugs and Issues tracker, and Jamie will take a look.


Cool, I’ll do that (can you point me at the bug tracker url?).

In the mean time any body had this and fixed it?

There’s a link at the bottom of the page labeled “Bugs and Issues”, but the actual URL is this:


Have a good one,