os clean install required?


quick question, i already have mysql, proftpd etc etc installed on my ubuntu server. does virtualmin pro require a blank canvas to install onto or will it automatically recognise what ive got installed and work with them?

question number two…

if i got for the 10 domain version first is it easy to upgrade? i.e. no downtime etc etc

many thanks in advance.



Well, less things tend to go wrong with a clean install, since it’s difficult what all has been changed or configured if you have an existing setup.

However, if you’re simply saying you have the MySQL and ProFTP packages installed, but it’s otherwise a fairly default setup – having those packages installed shouldn’t effect anything. As it installs your various packages, yum will recognize that they’re already installed and will simply skip them.

Now, if you have websites and email already setup and working, and are currently serving sites and receiving email – that could cause more trouble :slight_smile:

Otherwise, it would likely work just fine. And no, there’s no downtime to upgrade from one Virtualmin license to another.


Perfect. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear! :slight_smile:

What could happen is that you run into package conflicts, if that “etc etc” you already have is stuff that conflicts with packages that Virtualmin installs, e.g. an alternate mail, FTP or DNS server. In which case you can/should uninstall those before you run the VM install script.

If you only have packages installed that VM uses anyway, and have not yet made changes to their setup, and are not expecting VM to pick up custom stuff you already have, then the installed packages should, like Eric said, not constitute any problem.